To buy a dress through our website, browse through our large selection of dresses, practice wear, men's and kid's items. Each page contains all of the information about the individual item. You may then contact us directly at with the item ID number to arrange the details of payment method and shipping or pickup in our shop. Should you be interested in trying on the item before purchasing, please contact us directly for more details.


You send the dress(es) or item(s) to us and we store it in our shop located in Garfield, New Jersey. We take professional photos of your items and post them to our website and Facebook page. There is a storage fee of $20 -$50 per item for 12 months to keep the item(s) in the shop. When we sell the item, we take 30% of the final sale price. You receive 70% of the final selling price, minus additional fees incurred, such as PayPal, eBay or shipping costs. Should we receive a lower offer for your item(s), we will reach out to you for approval first.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment to either pick up or drop off any items for sale. All items must be approved by us before we can take them for consignment.

Email us at for more information.